If you are having electrical work done on your home, it is important that you get an electrical safety certificate. If the electrical work isn’t performed properly it can seriously damage your home. Your home could catch on fire or someone could be injured by touching the faulty electrical work. It is crucial that any electrical work that is done on your house is done safely so that no one is injured.

What Is an Electrical Safety Certificate?

Electricity can be a dangerous form of energy and it can pose real hazards if it isn’t installed correctly. The electrical safety certificate can protect you and your family since it shows that the electrical work was performed safely. This certificate ensures that the work is carried out properly and that it is safe.

It is also important to work with an electrician that is qualified when you are having work done. Any electrician that you work with should be licensed and qualified. You don’t want to take any chances by working with an electrician that isn’t going to do a good job on your electrical work.

London ElectriciansThe certificate shows that the electrical work has been tested and complies with all of the latest electrical codes. The electrical safety certificate is going to be performed by the electrician and the electrician has to be registered and licensed to issue the certificate. Having this certificate is a legal requirement and it has to be issued within 30 days.

Why Do I Need an Electrical Certificate?

Legally, whenever a licensed electrician does work on your home they have to give you an electrical safety certificate. Any type of electrical work is going to trigger this requirement. Whether you are having an oven installed or getting a new switchboard, you are going to need the electrical safety certificate.

The certificate is going to contain quite a bit of information. You will have a certificate number and all the details of the contractor on the certificate. The certificate will also have all the information of the work that was done. Electrical work can be dangerous if it isn’t installed correctly so make sure that you get your electrical safety certificate when you are getting electrical work done on your home.

You don’t want to end up with any major problems with your house because the work wasn’t done correctly. Taking the time to get the certificate is important and it also gives you peace of mind since you know the work was carried out correctly. You don’t want to risk any problems so be sure to get your certificate.

Electricity can be dangerous and there is nothing more dangerous than electrical wiring that isn’t safe. Electric currents can be deadly and they can cause serious issues and problems. You can’t take any type of risk when you are having electrical work done in your home and it is crucial that you get the work done by a licensed and registered electrician if you don’t want to experience any problems with your electrical work. Only work with licensed and registered electricians.